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Rusted Element Design is a Seattle based maker studio founded by married couple, Jen and Mo. They enjoy creating quality, handmade, modern home goods for people who embrace “outside the box” items that will truly spark joy in their homes. The RED (Rusted Element Design) team is passionate about using materials that are: repurposed, sustainable, non-toxic, and eco-friendly. A great sense of pride and accomplishment goes into each and every item produced by this team.
A little about the team:

Jen grew up in Chicago and has been involved in a variety of “Arts” since a very young age. Through a bit of exploration during her college years, she discovered a true passion for Industrial Design and graduated with her Bachelor of Fine Arts in that field. While Art and Design were her passion she followed the Business path for work and was given the opportunity to move to several different cities prior to Seattle. She chose to stay in Seattle due to its adventurous nature: plentiful bodies of water, pure beauty, and, most importantly, her wife. Although she still maintains her day job, true passion comes through in her part-time job of being a maker.

Mo grew up between Alaska and Washington, traveling to and fro as her dad worked in the lumber business. She has been involved in family building projects with her Mom and Dad since a young age and still enjoys working with them on projects on occasion. Mo received 2 degrees through her college years: BA in Communication Disorders and the other in the Culinary Arts. Her biggest passion will always be cooking; however, she simply loves making for makings sake and is a great partner to Jen in creating their small “side” business. 

J -Dog (helper extraordinaire) is rumored to have grown up on the streets of South Seattle before being rescued by Mo. He loves being involved in all activities in the R.E.D. Shop, mainly nosing around in all the projects. We are still holding out for the day that he can tackle some projects on his own besides napping and being curious.

Thank you for supporting R.E.D. We are so grateful to have such great people behind us. 

We are because of you...

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